Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally listed on ebay...item number 120248852049

If you know of a Harley-Davidson Collector I would appreciate you sending them to the auction.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here is the link to photos on Flickr:

I am selling my Ultra Rare Harley Davidson Golf Cart

A friend of mine gave me a golf cart to tool around at various race tracks I was competing at.

It was an old Harley Davidson 4 wheel Gas powered golf cart. I thought it was really cool because it was a Harley. Everyone else had Yamaha's and EZ Go but a Harley was the real deal!

It really was a piece of junk though. I met with my friend and he was asking if the cart was still around. I told him yes but it was not running and was pretty beat. One day I get a call from him and he said that he found a nicer cart out in Iowa. It was pretty nice and if I wanted it he would have his guys bring it back for me. I said OK. When I went to pick up the cart I noticed that it said "Classic" on the side and it had a lot of features to it. It had a cigar lighter, stereo, lights, drink holders, fuel gauge, clock, and a glove box.

It was tan and brown and did not look very cool. I was racing cars at the time mostly in the Midwest. I met a guy who's father sponsored an Indy car. He said at a race that his father had traded some advertising for services at a powder coating business in Indianapolis. The cars really don't have a lot of items on them that are powder coated these days. So, if i needed anything coated he would make me a great deal.

I thought hm mm I could dismantle my "new" golf cart and powder coat the frame. So I took the cart completely apart and took it down to Indy. About 2 weeks later I got a call that the parts were done. To my surprise when I picked up the parts they were perfect! each part had been meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap and were done in super high gloss black.

About a year later i got out of racing and sold everything. I my garage sat the original junk cart and all the pieces still bubble wrap of the decent cart.

My son and I went driving around to some car lots because I was thinking about getting some new wheels. We stopped at a place in Fort Wayne that had a Porsche 911. I have always wanted a 911. When I told my wife about the car she (for the first time of buying toys) said "No, not until you get those carts out of the garage". I was a little taken back but decided she was right and they needed to go away. So I thought I would put the peices parts of the good cart on ebay and who ever won the bid give them the junk cart just to get rid of it!

Well i took pictures of all the peices and put them on ebay. Within about 2 hours I get an email from a guy that said he did not know me and did not know why he wanted to help, but

I did not know what I had. Based on the serial number it was quit possibly the rarest Harley Davidson golf cart in existance. He had seen one once before that sold for over $100,000.00.

I was not sure if it was true or not so i cancelled the auction.

I did some research and found out that the version of the cart I have "Classic" was in fact only made 1 year. I could not verify how many were made but the actual Serial Number says it is in fact a "Classic".

I have scoured the internet, talked to experts and know one knows anything about the numbers of carts manufactured or how many of them are left. I know that it would be really hard to find one as nice as this.

The items that I could find on the internet I replaced on the cart. It was in really good condition to start with.

I restored the cart in black. I went to great lenghts not to put to much of my personal taste into the cart. I hopes that who ever bought it could easily customize it and make it reflect their personality.

Here are a few items about the cart:

  • Own a piece of Harley Davidson History! Super Rare Harley-Davidson “Classic” gas engine four wheel golf cart. This model was only made one year 1980. The “Classic” model came with a cigar lighter, fuel gauge, clock, lights, horn, and in dash Motorola stereo. This golf cart was manufactured by Harley 28 years ago. The fiberglass was in great condition when the project was started. In fact, the autographs and date of the Harley workers that hand laid the fiberglass are intact.

  • Show quality restoration

  • Triple Black Finish

  • New custom chrome rims and low profile tires-comes with set of transport tires

  • Carburetor Rebuilt

  • New Battery

  • Electrical connections are soldered

  • New custom made Top

  • New in-tank fuel sending unit

  • Every Bolt plated, painted, polished, or replaced

  • Total disassembly- Frame and all parts powdered coated diamond black

  • Custom upholstered leather seats with Harley badge by Krist Customs

  • You will also receive all replaced hardware, seat material, and top. ( I kept everything!)

  • Ready for you to personalize and customize- you get to do the fun stuff

  • I will provide the winner with a custom dash plaque engraved with the new owner’s name.

All proceeds from the sale will go toward development of a website to honor our troops, public service personel, their families, and others that have given the ultimate sacrifice so we can have toys like these and have the freedom to enjoy them.


P.S. If anyone knows of another of these carts please contact me!